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Space Object Enter the Atmosphere Over North Carolina Skies

Space Object

An unknown object that mysteriously came barreling down over the Northern Carolina sky on Friday night was an old space object.

According to a Chabot Space and Science Center spokesperson, the object entered Earth’s atmosphere after many years in a slowly decaying orbit.

Jonathan McDowell from the Harvard Smithsonian Center explains the space object is Japanese.

In 2009, it was launched up to the International Space Station, but it later separated in 2020.

The US Space Force tracked the object for a while and confirmed that the reentry process occurred around 9:28 pm.

According to McDowell, the object was heading southeast across North Carolina.

Besides North Carolina, a Chabot Space and Science Center spokesperson said the object was also visible in Oregon, California, and Nevada.

Viewers across the Bay Area shared videos and photos of the mysterious object streaming across the night sky.

The footage shows the object was on fire and broken into several pieces.

McDowell explains the object appeared to be on fire since it had disintegrated and completely burned up.

Moreover, a few small parts from the object might have reached the ground.

Skywatchers should be able to have a better look at the object using binoculars.

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